Welcome to my Sewing and Knitting Room

My mission was to create a work space that was functional and inspiring when a bedroom became available.  I started by designing my sewing room furniture.  A skilled cabinet maker who understood my sketches came up with the construction solutions.  I was able to pick out my own wood (birds eye maple), table tops and knobs.  I am delighted with my furniture.  I smile at it all the time.

sewing machine table  I like the corner unit configuration for my sewing machine and serger.  Colors make me happy so the table top is a blue laminate with rose colored flecks in it.  Both sides of the unit have horn lifts.  The one with the machine in it can accommodate an embroidery unit.  The serger side can hold either serger or sewing machine.

storage for cutouts     Storage space for the cutouts along the side back

colorful knobs on drawers     I measured everything I wanted to put in a drawer in order to determine drawer depth and width.  If I were to do it again I would make the drawers just a bit wider.  Colorful ceramic knobs are from MacKenzie-Childs.

knit machine and ladder    My Passap knitting machine.  The ladder leads to a storage loft which is filled with coned yarn.

cutting table     Cork topped cutting table.  Fully opened 40X72.  Closed 40X20.  Top drawer is 40" long and opens both sides.  Bottom shelf  also 40" allows for storage of large rolls of paper, etc. 

dressed chairs     A pretty rug and a pair of well dressed chairs completes the creative atmosphere of my room. 

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