Real Sewing Rooms


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My online search for sewing room furniture led me to many personal web sites of seamstresses and quilters.  These creative ladies were proud of their sewing space and wanted to share how they solved the problems of "stash" storage, clutter management, and having an inspiring place to work.  I enjoyed looking so much I saved the links.  They are here to make your search a little easier. I'd love to add your room to my page, just send a link toCarol

Some of my site visitors have told me they would like to know how to tell when a new link has been added.  I will no longer be alphabetizing the links.  The most recently added link will now appear at the top-starting with number 1.   Hopefully this will make it easier to check out new rooms.
  1. Custom Style by Brooke   Totally fabulous workspace.   Really nice photos.
  2. Schildis Welt (some lovely photos)
  3. Debbie in Texas has a beautiful quilting motif border in her sewing room
  4. Sweetdsmom has a sewing nook
  5. Tricia organizes her sewing room (machine knitter too!)
  6. Teresa takes the state of being organized to a new level
  7. Artemisia's Room is as beautiful as her name
  8. Truly Designed to A T-Sewing Studio
  9. Lisa's Fabulous Studio Space
  10. Rita's Sewing Room
  11. Cecily's Sewing & Craft Room
  12. Quilting Lady 21 solves how to pack it all in neatly!
  13. Maria from Schildis Welt
  14. Tricia's Studio and blogspot
  15. Dawn's Studio
  16. Some nice ideas from Denise
  17. A Sewing Room on a Budget
  18. Karen's blog and sewing room
  19. Angie's Itsy-Bitsy Sewing Room  (updated pics, 5 stars for utilization of small space)
  20. A Beautiful Sewing Table
  21. Ally designs and builds a studio (With tips from a pro) 
  22. Ann has a beautiful sewing room  
  23. At Home Sewing with  Connie (Wonderful room packed with great ideas) 
  24. Aunt Lu and Holly's Silverberry Sewing Room  (beautiful use of small space)
  25. Bobbysock's Sewing Room
  26. Carol's Sewing & Knitting Room 
  27. Carol in Panama's studio
  28. Carol Taylor's Studio.  Carol is a wonderful Artist and her studio and quilts are fabulous.   
  29. Caryl Bryer Fallert's Studio
  30. Cathy J's sewing room ( Don't miss her framed collection of vintage sewing notions)
  31. CJ's Sewing Room
  32. Chris' Sewing Room (Click on the picture of the sewing room to enter her room.  Chris has a beautiful spacious room and great closet shelving. Not to be missed is her new table.  )
  33. Christine's room off the front porch ( I would love to sew in this room)
  34. Cindy Lucy has a sewing room 
  35. Cissy Quilts
  36. Cositas Sewing and Production Room  (nicely configured room arrangement)
  37. DawnPages -- My Sewing Room
  38. Dawn's refinished Cabinet
  39. Deb's Sewing Room (What a fabulous barn)
  40. Debbie's Sewing Kingdom
  41. Dedicated Sewing Room in Florida
  42. Diane in Germany has a nice room  scroll down page for a must see dress form!
  43. Domestic Diva's Sewing Room Organization Challenge (way cool sewing blog
  44. Emily's Sewing Room & Library
  45. Gail's 8"X10" Room
  46. Gigi's Sewing Studio (this is a fabulous studio)
  47. Gloria's Quilting Page & Sewing Room
  48. Sewing Rooms on Home Sewing Association Site  (photo slide shows of winning entries-these rooms are really special)
  49. Husband Made Sewing Center
  50. Jan's Old Sewing Room  (Love her drawer pulls)
  51. Jan's New Sewing Room
  52. Janet's Sewing Room
  53. Janice's Sewing Room
  54. Jean and her Artful Spirit's Sewing Room (studio pics under archives Sept. 2006)
  55. Jen's Sewing Room
  56. Jeanine's Studio  (sewing room pics are in Aug. 2007 entry)
  57. Jennilee's Sewing Room (Jennilee is the Queen of the state of being well organized)  This link has many great photos.
  58. JigABugBaby's studio space
  59. Joan's Sewing Room
  60. Judy's Sewing Page
  61. Judy Martin's Sewing Room
  62. June's Sewing Room (scroll down page to her to see studio pics)
  63. Just Sew You Know  studio for kids sewing lessons  click on photos for studio photos 
  64. Kathys Machine Embroidery
  65. Kim Bate's Sewing Room
  66. Kim's Sewing Room
  67. Kirchner's Kreative Sewing Room
  68. Leah's Sewing Room (See the most wonderful & smallest sewing room ever)
  69. Leanna Studio Pictures (Wow, a real dream space)
  70. Leona's New Sewing Room
  71. Leslie's Sewing Room  
  72. LindaLee's Studio
  73. Linda's Sewing Room (Click on here under Sew- N-Tell)
  74. Loretta's Sewing Room
  75. Louise's Sewing Room 
  76. Making good use of a small space
  77. Mandy Converts a Garage
  78. Marguerita builds her own quilting table (5 stars for innovation and creativity)
  79. Marji's Sewing Room (Modular office furniture from Office Max, very nice!)
  80. Mary in AZ  
  81. Mel has her own place
  82. Mona's lovely sewing room 
  83. Ms. Jo's Sewing Room
  84. Murphy's Studio (This room is so gorgeous-You have to look at it!)
  85. Myrtle's Sewing Room (There are a whole lot of goodies packed into this room)
  86. A Daughter Paints Her Mom's Sewing Roo 
  87. Nicole's Sewing Table
  88. Not Martha makes a cutting table
  89. Parker House Sewing Room
  90. Pat Winter's Sewing Room  (example of the state of being well organized)
  91. Patti & Gandalf-The Proto Stitch Wizard   (lots of quilts and a wonderfully well organized sewing room)
  92. Paula's Sewing Room
  93. A Peek Into My Sewing Room 
  94. Prairie Home Quilts Sewing Studio (This page also has links to 125 more rooms-WOW)
  95. Pixie's Sewing Room (Yes, more beautiful purple walls)
  96. RedtoSew in Dallas
  97. Rhonda in OK's Sewing Studio  
  98. Roberta ~Who Loves to Sew
  99. Sally's Sewing Spot
  100. Sandy's Sewing Room  (A really great cutting table and notions storage chest
  101. Another Sandy with a nice room  
  102. Serious Sewers Room
  103. SewSassy has a place to sew
  104. Sewing Table for More Work Room
  105. Sasha's Sewing Room
  106. Shantelle's very lovely sewing room
  107. Sherril's Sewing Room
  108. Shirley Smith's Gorgeous Studio
  109. Stephanie's new spacious studio
  110. Sue's Sewing Studio (This room is just downright pretty)
  111. Susan in Idaho
  112. Where Sunshine Creates
  113. The Sewing Room (I am overwhelmed with emotion and unable to comment)
  114. Tinkletime's sewing studio
  115. Tirocchi Dressmakers' Shop (Another historical site)
  116. Tomi's Studio
  117. Val's sewing room
  118. Where It All Happens
  119. The Woman of 1,000 Hobbies