My sewing room isn't as elegant as some I've seen and not sure mine is even worthy of being included, but here it is.  We recently moved from a three bedroom home in Texas to a roomy four bedroom home in California.  Needless to say the fourth bedroom is my sewing room.  The only thing in the room when we moved in was the shelf that goes around the room and the flooring.  All the rest of it my husband and I did.  He is making shutters for the window.

Leona H.


A couple of people have mentioned the serger thread rack.  I found the shoe rack at the wonderful website  I had the threads on a plastic shoe rack and it is NOT strong enough to hold them.  I searched and searched until I came across this site. 
OH!  And I also found a super towel rack that is on a vertical rod that attaches to the door hinges and holds 4 large bath towels.  The horizontal  rods swing out.  Oh heck, here take a look at it:
Ours is behind our guest bathroom door so now I have room for lots of towels for guests.